Want to help, but don’t know what needs to be done?

Here are some suggestions! If you would like to volunteer, please call the contact person listed, or you can call the church office at (505) 281-2013.

Being an acolyte is a wonderful way in which young men and women (usually 10 and older) can serve God in a role that helps out with part of our worship services.

Prayer Chain

Men and women can serve as prayer warriors on the Good Shepherd Prayer Chain. Be willing to pray whenever a need arises – day or night. If you have a prayer request for yourself or others, please call Pastor Spomer at (505) 281-2899. Requests can be anonymous – God knows who we are praying for!


On a typical Sunday one or more elders will assist Pastor with distributing communion, advise the acolyte when to light and extinguish the candles, and be available to either seek out newcomers, visitors, or counsel with members. Article VI of the church Constitution spells out specifically what the roles are for elders in “Duties of Officers.”

Altar Guild

Anyone (male or female) of any age that has been confirmed and baptized can be a member of the Altar Guild. Call the church office for more information at (505) 281-2031. Length of service is discretionary.


Greeters are assigned on a rotating basis from the church’s role of members. They are to arrive 30 minutes before the worship service and greet people, making them feel genuinely welcomed! If a new person arrives they are to take them to the Welcome Host. The coordinator is Verna F.

Welcome Host/Hostess

Two Welcome Hosts or Hostesses are available in the narthex (before and after service, and remain during fellowship time) to help the worship service visitor feel genuinely welcomed, more socially comfortable and better informed about Good Shepherd Lutheran Church. The Welcome Host is to be constantly alert to identify those who are visitors, giving them priority attention. Attire need not be formal but appropriate for worship.

Hosts are to introduce themselves to the visitors as well as their children. The Welcome Hosts should ask the visitor if they would like to sign the guest book, provide them with a visitors’ information packet and a copy of the current newsletter. Also give them an explanation of the Holy Communion handout if it is a Communion Sunday. Refer them to Pastor or an elder if they have any questions. Invite them to remain after worship for refreshments and fellowship as well as Sunday School/Bible Class. Indicate how glad you are that they chose to visit and invite them back.

Don’t let them stand around alone.

If interested in becoming a Welcome Host or Hostess, please contact the church office at (505) 281-2013.

Fellowship Refreshments

Members bringing refreshments for fellowship time are assigned on a rotating basis from the church’s role of members by the church secretary. The list of names appears in the newsletter a month in advance and is in the Sunday Worship bulletin.

Sunday School Teachers

If you love Jesus and you love children, this is the position for you! Share the Gospel and Christian values with children and youth. Classes are grouped by age from Preschool through High School. Give Pastor Spomer a call for more information.


Good Shepherd Lutheran Church has a Library, but is currently in need of a Librarian. Duties may also include providing book or movie reviews for the monthly newsletter. If you are a bookworm or movie buff with a talent for organization, please contact the Church office.